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Reminiscing Campfires

This world is full of experiences, humour and surprises! Often well concealed in the little things of daily life, but always present. Designer Finn Goodman refashions these events to evoke those same emotions in a different state. In this exhibit Finn has freed a campfire from its conventional form, which is more than just warmth and light: therein lies a source of pleasurable interactions. From starting the fire to maintaining it. It’s like  a dance together with the campfire. Humour and the element of surprise are also important aspects of his work. By deconstructing everyday things and the experiences they create, Finn hopes to reconfigure them in a different form while heightening and sharing with others, the for some nostalgic experience which they invoke. 

A fire is more than just heat and light. It is an object with various functions: it stimulates a certain dialogue with the campfire and each other. With this alternative campfire, I want to create more solidarity between people.

Reminiscing Campfires is a tool that invites people to come together and socialize. I have experienced these kinds of moments in scouting for many years. In the city of Utrecht, on the other hand, I experience this form of commitment far less.

That's why I pulled the campfire out of its conventional shape. It now serves as a tool to involve people with a campfire outside of its normal context and target audience. This is how my work functions as an intermediary between two different worlds.

With this electric campfire, I bring the experience to people in the urban environment, both outside and inside. This way, I bring people into contact with themselves and each other and I hope to create space for genuine connections.

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